Church History

The Williams family held its first public service as the Cathedral of Life Christian Assembly in 1999. Starting with just nine others, this small group of believers’ courageously pursued the God-given mandate to “empower others to change their world.”


Dr. Williams has focused the ministries of The Cathedral (renamed “The King’s Cathedral”) with four objectives in mind – spiritual growth, personal empowerment and community and economic development. Consequently, strategic alliances were formed with other leaders and organizations to address the cares & concerns of the community. Dr. Williams, who has served on 17 local, national and international boards, presses the idea that the true Gospel will be evident in practical ways Monday through Saturday, not just on Sunday.

433 Elmwood Avenue, the first property owned by the church, which originally housed the Cathedral offices. The historic house (built Circa 1860’s) was renovated, winning an award by the Historical Preservation Society of Rhode Island. Currently this 7,000 square foot building is home to CareNet RI, which is a Christian-based Pregnancy Crisis Center.

As the Cathedral grew over the first 7 years, it occupied 10 different meeting places, finally finding a home in the Olyneville section of Providence. The Church of the Messiah, (28,000 sq. ft.) formally an Episcopal Church, located at 1860 Westminster Street was purchased by the Cathedral members for worship and community empowerment purposes. During the 13 years of the Churches existence over 60 tons of food, tens of thousands articles of clothing and hundreds of “housing goods” have been distributed free of charge.

To date, the King’s Cathedral owns four other properties in the immediate vicinity of the church for economic development, social services and educational purposes. Yearly, serving thousands of people through its 30 ministries, outreaches and financial support, the King’s Cathedral continues to demonstrate God’s Grace and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to as many as possible.


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