Marriage is a wonderful experience. At the King’s Cathedral we believe that God ordains the sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman. Since where a person spends eternity is the most important decision, who one spends the rest of their life with is the second. Therefore preparation is crucial to insure, as much as is humanly possible, that union is blessed and full of joy. While many “feel” that love is enough, there is still substitute for learning and growing in the knowledge of one another and Biblical marriage.  We are happy to perform the Covenant Wedding Ceremony for any partner of the church providing these qualifications are met.

1. Candidates must have dated for one full year.

2. Both the bride and the groom must have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

3. At least one candidate has been a partner for at least a year and in Good-standing.

4. Candidates have completed the extensive per-marriage classes, which consist of relationship, financial and family, counseling, selected readings, DVD seminar and evaluations.

5. No requests for wedding services will be considered sooner than 9 months from the start the pre-marital process begins. So if you want to get married in September, pre-marital classes must begin no later than January of the same year.

6. Couples who are living together must agree to separate until the wedding.

While there is no charge for the pre-marriage sessions, the cost of the material is paid for by the couple, no more than $100.

For more information or to begin the process contact our Administrative Office at 401-780-8900.